sideblog dedicated to the dreamworks film rise of the guardians.


i tried 2 draw human jack w like. frosted tips/generally gross bleached hair but shit was a disaster so here we are

i cant draw rn idk whats up w me

too much god damn stress i need to chill the fuck out


Battle Armor Series Complete

I was told it would be a good idea to post them all together as a complete series. So here you guys are.

These will all be prints in case anyone is interested :>

Anonymous : will you post httyd2 spoilers?

Sorry, anon, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you asking if I’ll ever post HTTYD2 spoilers in the future, or are you asking me to make something spoiler-y to post?

Posted 5 days ago


Super Hero AU

This is based on a prompt from long ago by where she wanted to see Super Heroes with epic armor (cus armor is awesome). Sadly I haven’t time to finish any of the concepts already sketched have some wips! 


i saw some nerdy jacks on my dash this morning, and although i cant seem to draw rn i doodled this up

he reminds me of harry potter ???